Aris & Totell rebranding

Client: Aris & Totell

Connecting a brand story with its identity

The context

Aris & Totell are master storytellers, from brand experience and storywriting, to purpose-driven workshops. They are master marketeers, helping brands find their words and helping them to connect with the right audience. 

The business problem

But after a year of telling other brands’ stories, it was time to tell their own. Aris & Totell needed a new brand identity that matched their story and that would truly bring their brand to life.

The X-factor 

They are all about the power of stories and how they can create connections. Between storyteller and his/her audience, between play and pause, between words and actions. Inspired by Aristotle, the founder of the art of reasoning, these storytellers of the 21st century wanted to give credit where credit is due. Because what’s in a name. 

The answer

We created a whole new brand identity for Aris & Totell, based on Ancient Greek patterns, but deconstructed and given a modern day twist. Just like how Aris & Totell are a modern day twist of their Ancient Greek predecessor. From a new logo and typography to an intricate system of modernized Greek patterns, we made sure to equip the new brand with all the necessary elements to tell their full story any time, any where.


To make sure of this, we finalized this project with some specific assets like business cards, a PowerPoint template, stickers and an email signature. We already knew Chloé and Lien from Aris & Totell are experts in telling the brand stories of their clients. Now, thanks to a visual identity that fits their brand narrative, they’re ready to tell their own.