The Other Agency was asked to provide the Flemish Ministry of Education with a communication strategy towards 18 year olds.

Every year, the Ministry of Education and Training in Flanders distributes their “Wat na het secundair onderwijs?” brochure. (What to do after secondary education?) In that brochure, they inform everybody in their last year of high school about their options after graduation: continue studying or start working? Working in the private sector or joining the police or military? There are so many options and for a 17 year old, they might be confusing or overwhelming.

Since the reality of teenagers today is different from the reality of several years ago, the Ministry decided to rethink the brochure. That’s why we, after a detailed market research in Flanders, created a whole new communication strategy, fitting to the goal, the target audience and the actual demand within our target market. The market research was done with our partner VOLT and included qualitative and quantitative research.

Our delivered strategy resulted in messaging, tone of voice and design principles. We have provided the Ministry with specific tools to give the brochure the update it needed. For the next months and years to come, we’ll be their partner to make sure they stay on top of their communication. During that process, we have delivered, and will continue to deliver, the content they need – testimonials, video, creative concepts, etc.