Once upon a time, there was an advertising agency with two amazing clients. They had something in common: they both cared about the language development of children. And so, two clients became one big client for the unique bedtime story platform Er was eenzzz.

Yep: we connected Sleepworld with Pelckmans uitgevers and got to talking about the importance of bedtime stories for kids. On the one hand, it helps them drift off into a great sleep, and on the other, it sparks their imagination and develops their language skills. 


Both brands teamed up with us to create “Er was eenzzz”. (Grand)parents can sign up on the website and receive monthly booklets with bedtime stories. The platform features reading tips & tricks as well. Together, we motivate family members to take up bedtime reading again. Last but not least, we talk about the fact that bedtime stories help a child develop its linguistic competence.


It’s a win-win for everyone, which is why we’re so happy that both Sleepworld and Pelckmans uitgevers decided to join the ranks for this amazing project. Nighty night! 
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