Just like you should never judge a book by its cover, you should never take your online community for granted. That’s why  Standaard Uitgeverij  asked us for a content strategy that would connect them with their followers. As an extra challenge, they wanted a strategy they could easily implement and execute themselves. Enter:  the Endless Bookshelf .




We got Standaard Uitgeverij to turn the page on their old Instagram format and gave them a brand new one:  the Endless Bookshelf . A square, white bookshelf that has new books presented in it every day. The new format makes Standaard Uitgeverij’s Instagram page visually attractive and provides more insight to their followers. If you’re interested in the highlighted book, you’ll find the book blurb and additional information about the author in the caption. Sounds like a long caption you say? Yes, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. Long captions are quite the international trend lately (Nike and National Geographic kind of wrote the book on it), and they are a perfect fit for our content strategy.



DIY all the way

The beauty of the new format? It’s the DIY strategy Standaard Uitgeverij asked for. They can place books of their choice in the bookshelf every day and make the photos themselves. That makes the idea completely self-sustainable. Another plus: the fast turnaround on interesting newsflashes or holidays (yes, the infamous top topicals). Christmas books during the winter holidays, for example, or romantic novels on Valentine’s Day.




Speaking of followers: STU’s new content strategy gained Standaard Uitgeverij  19,8% organic (!) new followers  in only 6 months, a true spike in their stats. Their organic reach went through the roof, as did impressions and likes.

To summarize: STU’s new content strategy is the beginning of a brand new chapter. The Endless Bookshelf will live on to connect Standaard Uitgeverij with its community, and we will continue thinking along with our clients. In the end, listening to your client’s needs always gets you the best results. Wanna bet the new Instagram format will live happily ever after? 






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