To the beach … or the mountains?

Client: Vakantie Expo

For obvious reasons, traveling hasn’t been easy these past years. Now that it’s possible again, we can’t wait to book our dream vacation… Of course, this brings along a different challenge: whereto? And where do you start this search for the perfect destination?

VakantieExpo Antwerp has the solution to this problem. On March 4, 5 and 6 they organized an event in Antwerp Expo with all the possibilities gathered under one roof.


The Other Agency was asked to come up with a creative concept that underlines the endless possibilities when looking for your dream destination. Do you want to go to the snow or enjoy the beach? Do you prefer a lazy holiday or a hike in the mountains? A staycation or an intercontinental flight? The inspiring visuals make you dream about traveling and give you an idea of the different options at the same time, with the contradiction between the image and the copy. For all the images, The Other Agency collaborated with a travel influencer. This way we were sure to have unique pictures that made our target audience dream.


Our campaign was pushed to a specific target audience via print (newspaper), radio, out of home and social media.