Adjective: different or distinct from the one or ones already mentioned or implied.

Noun: a group or member of a group that is perceived as different, foreign, strange - a person or thing that is the counterpart of someone or something else.

So you could say that we are different, foreign, strange and different.

Nice to meet you.

Meet the team.

Ninia Daelman


Jens De Maere

Managing – Owner

Daphné Vandycke

Account Manager

Julie Pittevils

Art Director

Shana Van Roosbroek

Junior Designer

Fien Liessens

Queen of Content

Lies Jacxsens

Account Manager

Evelyn Broeckx

Office Manager

Kimberly Moerman

Junior Account Manager PR

Dimitri Riehl

Account Manager

Michiel Annaert

Junior Advertising Specialist

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