You need an advertising agency and found our website? Great, you’ve done the hardest part.

The Other Agency offers you a unique approach. No need to fill in complex sheets before we get to work, no complaints when you change your mind halfway, no eye-rolling when you tell us your limited budget, no need to delay your deadline because of us.

No, we get shit done. So let’s be   BOLD   together!

Most ad agencies added digital to their portfolio. The Other Agency went vice versa: we are digital in our heart, and grew towards the full service agency we are today. Online and offline, we don’t care, we care about the channel that will work best for you. You’ll notice that after talking to us for five minutes – or two if we skip the chitchat.


We believe creativity makes a huge difference in communication, and we believe data gives us the best insights to be creative.  WE BELIEVE CREATIVITY AND DATA MAKE EACH OTHER WORK . One cannot go without the other.


We’re not the kind of agency to show off about the fact that our partners are top of the charts or how it makes our work even better, faster and stronger. But since we’re talking about our partnership with   GOOGLE   and   FACEBOOK  , we definitely do.

Our agency has a team of ‘Others’: a network of people, representing all possible target groups. We use them to test our ideas and concepts, quick and free of charge – no typo. This avoids so much dead money.

You want an agency that values brand purpose, that believes in the product or service they’re selling. No politics, no guns, no gambling, no gender unfriendly brands…   THE OTHER AGENCY   wants to be your partner, your soulmate. Sometimes this means saying “don’t do this and save your money”, even if this means we lose money. We’re always honest, surely when you offer us bad coffee.