OZ entered the highly competitive cleaning services (with service voucher system) market together with us.

Before developing positioning, branding and marketing plan we started with The Others – our very own free of charge market research program. The most important insight we got: when having a cleaning lady/man, people always justify the ‘why’. They feel guilty when hiring someone to do what they feel is their job. Especially the female respondents. Typical feminine behavior. “Only every two weeks, because I have a new function at work” and so on.

These insights and our longterm experience translating OZ’s mission and vision into campaigns, led to a sharp, made to fit positioning. If you’re looking for helping hands – rely on OZ cleaning services (with service voucher system). Sharp messaging and branded & pure imaging provided the necessary stopping power. OZ is an established, reliable and trusted brand. So we surfed on OZ’s branding and added a pinch of our otherness for the key visual.

Awareness and lead generation within the audience of non-OZ-clients were the most important KPI’s for the communication campaign. To obtain the biggest ROI, we determined the most viable target group: families with children (time) and seniors (inability). We took the guilt feeling into account, together with the  lead gen-KPI and decided to go big on digital. A place where nobody else sees what you are doing and the lead form is pre-filled. We outperformed our target with 26% more leads.

The positioning of this sub brand of OZ has a long term goal and is used in all campaigns like instore, service designs and events.

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