Golden Clio for The Other Agency

This Belgian Case is for you

Guess what: we just won our very  FIRST AWARD ! And not just any award: a golden Clio Award, one of the most prestigious and international awards out there. Obviously, because we’re The Other Agency, we had to win the Clio award with the highest level of ‘otherness’: the  BUDWEISER EMERGING CREATIVE AWARD .

THE BUDWEISER EMERGING CREATIVE AWARD  is there to celebrate young creatives. They get to showcase their big ideas through a big briefing from a big client. This year, that briefing was given by Budweiser. And it’s our young creatives who impressed the beer brand the most. 


Budweiser was looking for a clever way to use the surplus clean energy they generate in their own wind farm. They already use a big part of that energy to produce every Bud in America, but there’s still a lot of clean juice left. So, we got to thinking… If you’re going to drink a green Bud, you better drink it in a green bar. Yep: Budweiser is giving away the extra clean energy to bars all around the US. As long as they get enough votes from their community, their bar becomes powered by Bud. No drama, no fuzz, just a low-budget idea that helps Budweiser brew for a better America.  BECAUSE BUD IS GREAT, AND CLEAN ENERGY IS WEISER. 

Admittedly, we did not win a classic Clio Award that celebrates an existing campaign. But we still came out first in an international competition. We might be a small agency, but clearly one with  BIG IDEAS . We’re ready to make some noise and to put our name right in between the big league. And with an amazing team and –as of now– award-winning young creatives, we’ll get there in no time.
You just wait.

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