Influencer event

Client: Solo

Creating dynamic stories around  SOLO  products requires careful planning and execution. Solo (Upfield) trusts us to develop compelling concepts for holidays like Mother’s Day, pop-up stores to launch new Solo products to influencer marketing.e brand name.



Ongoing demos and tastings for select influencers are conducted in an intimate setting to elevate the  SOLO CRÈMEFINE  product. While involving interactive elements, including tours and masterchef challenges, at well-respected gastronomic institutions like Eric Gamba’s near Brussels, we produce unique experiences for influencers. After each event, invitees receive additional Solo products to use at home.

In addition to special events, we create holiday sentiment messaging for all Solo’s offerings. When considering how much a mother is worth, we featured the rich, buttery, golden color of Solo margarine. “Your mother is worth more than gold – she deserves the very best.


 250.000+ consumers (and growing) via Instagram and Facebook are reached by selected influencers. All engaged bloggers and influencers are impressed by the SOLO products we’ve introduced.