Don’t blow up your party

Client: Stad Antwerpen

Fireworks are a big problem in the city of Antwerp. Young people like to experiment with it in their free time and many adults think it’s a fun idea to lighten up their New Year’s Eve.


However: lighting fireworks is not only forbidden, but also super dangerous. Unfortunately, many people are still not aware of this. That’s why the city of Antwerp asked The Other Agency to come up with a big campaign to remind its citizens. The audience was complex: very specific (young) groups and areas, but also everyone who lives in Antwerp at the same time.


We answered this question with two different campaigns: one that directly speaks to the young people when they’re alone (in game advertising and social media) and one that uses big billboards to spread the message across all age groups. That’s how our mini and maxi campaign were born!

Below the line campaign

Above the line campaign