The only German every Belgian knows

Client: Goethe Institut

To promote the German language in Belgium, Goethe Institut asked The Other Agency to run a campaign for teachers and students. Teachers, to push them to teach the German language and students, to choose to learn the German language. Most students in high school or university prefer Spanish, it reminds them of holidays, cocktails, beaches, while German mostly makes them think of somewhere cold and rainy, weissbier or big grilled sausages. 


We came up with the creative “Eins, Zwei, Polizei – the only German every Belgian knows”. A funny way to talk about a language and trigger people to discover more on all the services that Goethe Institut offers.


The campaign ran on social media only and is considered really successful. We reached our target group in a very efficient way pusing awareness and driving traffic to the website and whitepapers.