January, a classic moment to make new year’s resolutions and to wish all your beloved people a good health. A perfect momentum for OZ – Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds, independent health insurance company – for an awareness campaign.

The services OZ offers,


go beyond the classical services of health insurance companies. They are the only ones in Belgium to refund wellness, to give higher returns on sports expenses and to even offer cleaning services. Combining these USP’s with the perfect momentum is a hell of a campaign.

Together with OZ – “een slimme zet” (tagline) – we launched the ‘Slimme voornemens’ – campaign.

We created a platform where Belgians could write down their new year’s resolutions. Month after month we motivated them to keep up these resolutions and reminded them of what they wanted to attain in the new year. Because everyone is determined and enthusiastic at the beginning of January. But by the end of that same month, everyone has forgotten about them. But not this time… this time you make the resolutions in a more clever way, together with OZ.

With this campaign we built longterm communication with existing clients and prospects. We were able to communicate our messages and inform our target audience in a non-commercial way. By helping them, before they help us.

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