Not all weight-loss products can say they’re backed by a municipal mayor. Used by Antwerp’s Bart de Wever,  PRONOKAL  relies on us for their Google and Facebook advertising strategies. We are also working on their website design and regularly plan creative ways to engage with customers IRL.



Managing PronoKal’s digital advertising campaigns provides us with essential information about how customers engage with the  PRONOKAL  website. These important insights allow us to make key recommendations for improving their online experience and drive more clicks.


Unrelated to the digital world, we created a three mirror “funhouse-type” installation to show people what they could look like after using  PRONOKAL . We know how visuals create meaningful connections between individuals and health and beauty products like  PRONOKAL .



PronoKal receives 340.000 average impressions per month with Google and Facebook ads, resulting in 120.000 yearly website clicks.


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