Not a normal job at Belgian Defense

A ten-part mini docuseries that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of what working for Belgian Defense is really like.


20%    more webvisitors to the relevant job pages

More  young applicants (17-34 y.o.)

Most people know The Belgian Department of Defense. Yet, only a minority of young Belgians consider them as an employer. That’s why we were tasked with a new digital recruitment campaign. Our mission is to provoke more enthusiasm for Defense jobs. 20% more website visitors to the relevant job pages and an increase in young applicants (17-34 y.o.) is the goal.

The daily details of the job is what counts

Because a job at Defense is much more than those missions. For most, it’s mundane. A surprising fact our youngsters wouldn’t expect. We made them recognise themselves in the daily life at Defense, in the details of the profession.

Younger people don’t think about a job in the army, because they have an incorrect or incomplete image of what the job entails. Hollywood, games, and the news are great for attracting patriotic thrillseekers, but what about everyone else? That’s our audience. The image of soldiers in enemy territory determines the reputation. Time for change.


The mini docuseries

That’s why we created a ten-part mini docuseries that gives a glimpse into the daily lives of a Navy technician, an Army soldier, and an Air Force technician. A look behind the scenes creates the feeling that Defense could be something for you, by getting a broader view of the work culture and collegiality within the world of Defense.


To enforce the authenticity, we filmed without a preset script and actors. Everything on screen is the reality of the jobs.

Technician driving to work at defense
Technician giving an interview

“Uncensored” shows what a future at Defense could look like. The series is not a promotional film, but a reality. It’s about real, uncensored jobs in Defense. Behind the scenes. Defense uncensored.

It shows the professional side of what the job entails, who your colleagues and boss would be, the workplace and tools, but also the personal side of calling your girlfriend or visiting grandparents. To keep a good balance, we show the depth of both sides through interviews with three soldiers and supporting show-and-tell b-roll.

Three marines having a coffee break

All part of the job

Each episode shows a different workday from morning to afternoon for the three different profiles, by using highlights of that day. This isn’t just the exciting parts everyone wants to see, but also slower moments like enjoying a coffee with colleagues or passing by grandparents before heading home.

Land | Water | Air

By switching between different profiles within one episode, we show the variation in the different jobs within one day. We make these transitions clear using creative timestamps, making it easy for the viewer to situate themselves each time.


Inspired by our mini docuseries #Uncensored? Don’t hestitate to check out the full ten episodes here.