Ah the potato. You either love it or you hate it…

Client: Vlam

And apparently, young, urban millennials in Flanders… absolutely hate it. The potato doesn’t seem to inspire them at all. They also consider it a ‘fat food’ and believe that it takes way too long for a potato to cook. For VLAM and The Other Agency the challenge was clear: get millennials to fall back in love with the potato. Even better: show those millennials that the potato feels at home in every kitchen.  Even though the main target group consisted of urban millennials, the campaign needed to be broad enough to address the whole of Flanders.

We made a dynamic content strategy that could reach our audience with our core message. If you have potatoes at home, an amazing dish is always waiting for you. Quick, surprising and yum!


To help spread our message, we looked for a young chef who could embody our campaign. Thijs Gelaude, the chef from Catering Cachette, became our guy. What do you say? That name doesn’t ring any bells? That’s okay. Our research with The Others actually showed that a well-known chef would only hurt the authenticity of our campaign. We didn’t want to take the commercial route: we simply wanted to show every millennial that behind every potato, there’s an original and tasty meal.


All of our ads together had a unique reach of 1,562,047 people. But more importantly: we succeeded in our mission > convincing 63% of our target group with our message about potatoes and a wowing 49% even declared the campaign had  a positive influence on their consumption of potatoes.

Safe to say the potato has (re)won the hearts of every Flemish millennial. How about you, celebrate that with a potato-based meal tonight?

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