The endless bookshelf

Client: Standaard Uitgeverij

Standaard Uitgeverij – previous WPG Uitgevers – became silent on social media over time. They needed a content strategy to get in touch with their community again. Side note: it had to be budget-friendly and unique.


The Other Agency came up with the endless bookshelf – a smart content concept that brought the bookstore experience online. Because 85% of their community isn’t interested in Standaard Uitgeverij: they are interested in (new) books, authors and inspiration. So we brought that inspiration in an easy DIY picture format: a square bookshelf. Caption – text was just as easy as the picture – using the blurb. Because that piece of text is also part of the real-life-bookstore-experience. A long caption? Well yes, super trending on social media and easy for the social media responsible at Standaard Uitgeverij. A classic win-win.


The result was a super-easy-low-budget and smart content strategy.

By actually placing the bookshelf in the middle of their offices, we daily reminded them about posting. Because with no advertising budget, we needed to crack the algorithm with frequency. And we all know that everyone is enthusiastic in the beginning, but we are aiming for the longterm.

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