We are finally here

Client: Oppo

OPPO is a well-known worldwide brand, but still had to be launched in Belgium. Our plan: introducing OPPO to the Belgian market with a big bang to get as many people as possible familiar with the brand name.

We came up with the baseline ‘OPPO is here. Finally.’ On the one hand, it highlights the fact that OPPO is an existing brand with a clean reputation and experience. On the other hand, it also gives the audience the feeling that they can expect something new, something they cannot miss. To create connection with the audience, the ads were in both native Belgian languages Dutch and French. Sur plus, we used the “finally”-strategy for throughout all phases with comparable images so OPPO can always be recognized.

With that strategy, we reached 10 million people monthly during the summer, with a cpm under € 1. 300.000 page engagements prove that people love talking about – and to – OPPO. OPPO Belgium has been put on the map – and has no intention to ever come of.