Oppo: the smartest phone

Client: Oppo

If we tell you about smartphones, you will probably think of Apple or Samsung. But did you know that there is a fairly new brand in Belgium challenging these 2 giants? We come to speak about the No.1 brand in China: OPPO. Little known in Europe, the brand has arrived by the small door and intends to make a difference in Belgium. 


For the launch of their new flagship model, OPPO FIND X5, the brand asked The Other Agency to increase their brand awareness. The main difficulty is that the name OPPO does not naturally evoke the world of smartphones.


The Other Agency has proposed to OPPO to add a tagline below their logo to facilitate the understanding of the brand. OPPO & smartphone ? Hum boring. OPPO is more than a smartphone. It’s a brand that invests a lot in research and is in constant quest of innovation. OPPO was the first smartphone with a selfie camera, it is the fastest charging technology of the market, it is the most appreciated device by photographers. OPPO is the smartest phone.

oppo_logo The Smartes Phone-05

The formula is obvious. With this approach we succeed in making OPPO known as a smartphone brand and we position it on innovation, intelligence and future.


This concept was mainly communicated through radio. A channel that is not used by OPPO’s competitors and is one of the best for brand recall.