Intimate hygiene a taboo? Not when it comes to Saforelle. They believe there’s no reason why their intimate washing solution should be considered any different than shampoo or toothpaste. And we couldn’t agree more. 


That’s why The Other Agency created the “Draag zorg voor Elle”-concept (Take care of Elle). Within that campaign line, we prove that it’s just a vagina and the Saforelle washing solution is just soap. And we don’t just do it with a nice catch phrase, that refers to both the vulva and the brand name Saforelle, we created a non-traditional key visual as well. No, not the happy woman in white underwear that runs joyfully through a field. We chose to show the real world: a person with a vagina in the shower, washing herself. No euphemisms needed: it’s a very normal part of your everyday routine, like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. 

We’ve kickstarted the campaign with a full page ad in the newspaper, followed by a half page ads in the same newspaper a week and two weeks later. In these half page ads, we also explain the ‘Saforelle washing routine’, so everybody knows exactly how easy it is. We also advertise on social media, sample at a Flair fair in Maasmechelen Village, create an entertaining video about the intimate washing routine and organize an influencer campaign. 


Ready, set, shower!