So pure so mix

Client: Pineau des Charentes

It’s hard to change consumer behaviours. That’s exactly the challenge Sopexa needed us to solve for their client,  PINEAU DES CHARENTES . While retaining its core customer base, we reached new audiences through a 360° campaign, “So Pure So Mix,” hosted on Fueled by a 20% increase in annual engagement, our efforts resulted in 4M impressions and 2.000 social media followers per year.

Throughout the “So Pure So Mix” campaign, we showcased inspiring individuals crafting and enjoying high-quality, yet simple  PINEAU DES CHARENTES cocktails. With the brand in focus, we organised events like the “Battle of the Bartender,” where invitees competed for “Cocktail of the Year.” Pairing skilled bartenders with  PINEAU DES CHARENTES increased brand awareness and visibility. In addition to product demonstrations and testings, we engaged online audiences via both paid and organic Facebook and Instagram strategies.

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